Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR)

Nicolet Nexus 670

FT-IR spectroscopy is used for molecular characterization of solids, liquids, gases, and on surfaces. The diversity of materials that the FT-IR can examine and the ease of sample preparation are what makes it so appealing.


  • 11,000 - 375 cm-1 Range
  • 0.125 cm-1 Resolution
  • Transmission, ATR and DRIFT operation available
  • DTGS detector

FT-IR is currently optimized for mid-IR spectroscopy.

Time needed to collect data under best resolution is 8 minutes.

The Smart Orbit diamond attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory accommodates flat samples such as polymer films and requires little sample preparation.

The Spectra-Tech Collector II diffuse reflectance (DRIFT) accessory provides surface analysis of powders and particles. Sample concentrations can range from parts per thousand to neat.

FT-IR Accessories