Quadruplefeature, with a bonus

Jes Therkelsen assigned his students to make short films intended to convey the research of William & Mary effectively to the general community.

•  Jamie Hall '13 and Conor MacDonnell '14 produced "The Pollution of Noise," a look at ornithologist John Swaddle's research surrounding birds and noise pollution.

•  "The Standard Model" and "Q-Weak," by Erin Hayes '14 and Carlos Quintela '12, talks about the wonders of quarks and Wouter Deconinck's advanced experimental physics work at Jefferson Lab.

•  In"Like a Rock," Katie Frye '12 and Kevin Quinlan '12 interview William & Mary students and geologist Chuck Bailey to determine students' perceptions (or misperceptions) of geology and its relevance.

•  Lily Rubino '12 and Molly Bashay '13 collaborate with Professor Kristin Wustholtz in their film "Colorful Collaborations" to detail her research using laser spectroscopy to identify pigments used in historic works of art.

•  Bernice Chu, Therkelsen's teaching assistant for the class, took advantage of the class assignment as her Monroe Project in her film "Bumblebee Garden," which featured the development of a student-maintained garden at the local Blayton Elementary School. This video was later screened in the fall of 2011 in Washington Hall.