The Professions

Almost as good as an outcrop

Heather Macdonald has always been eager to get her new geosciences students out of the classroom and into the field—especially if there is a handy outcrop.

Hands-on activity is a hallmark of the STEM Education Alliance summer academies.
STEM Education Alliance

“Three, two, one …” A rocket made out of a two-liter bottle shoots into the blue sky, a line of white smoke trailing behind.

Noyce Scholar Robin Shaulis ’11  (front) demonstrates seine-hauling technique to students at a GEAR-UP academy at VIMS.
Noyce Scholars

America needs more good, seasoned K-12 STEM teachers—a set of professionals who not only understand science and math, but who also know how to make other people understand science and math.

student at the 2011 VISTA summer science camp
VISTA of the Commonwealth

Virginia’s beaches are in trouble. Swimmers are getting sick. The water looks ugly. The governor’s scientists have no idea what’s wrong. Then the governor hears about a two-week convention of young scientists—very young scientists—at William & Mary’s School of Education. He issues a desperate plea for help.

Anne Charity Hudley
... it's also how you say it

The 30 students in a high school classroom may all speak English, but a mix of factors in each student’s background shapes how he or she speaks it. The same is true for the teacher.

W&M School of Education
Launching Camp Launch

While William & Mary’s students are away from campus in summer, a new—and considerably younger—set of students will take their place in the dorms and in the classrooms, learning about science and cutting-edge technology.

Who owns this meteorite?

On Jan. 18, 2010, a meteorite fell out of the sky and into the examining room of the Williamsburg Square Family Practice in Lorton, Va.

Christie S. Warren
Return of the Peacemaker

Christie S. Warren has returned to the William & Mary Law School after spending a year shuttling between Darfur, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia and other geopolitical hot spots.

John Merrick
Even the money is real

The trading floors of Wall Street are the farthest things from the ivory towers of academia. But the Mason School’s commitment to “bring business into the business school” drove the establishment of the Marshall Acuff Financial Markets Center, as well as the activities that go on inside it.

Kids are better than us

James Dwyer, the Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law at William & Mary, realized that the ideal environment may be one in which there is enthusiastic engagement with life.

Helping start-ups

The James City County Business and Technology Incubator - a partnership between James City County (JCC) and the College of William & Mary - welcomed a new client this month, Breathe Healthy.

When Mickey D is your neighbor

A study conducted by the Schroeder Center for Health Policy shows a direct correlation between childhood obesity and the proximity of a child's home to fast food restaurants.

Off the map

GIS data-stitching opens new research horizons.

Linda Malone is awarded Distinguished Fulbright Chair

Linda Malone, the Marshall-Wythe Foundation Professor of Law at William & Mary Law School, has been awarded the Distinguished Fulbright Chair in International Environmental Law for 2009-2010.

Robinson named to Tucker Adjunct Professorship

William & Mary Law School Dean Davison Douglas presented the 2009-2010 St. George Tucker Adjunct Professorship to Neal J. Robinson during a luncheon at the Alumni House on August 28, 2009. The professorship, created in 1995, is given each year to a member of the Law School's adjunct faculty for outstanding teaching.

Christopher Gareis is honored for education research

Christopher Gareis, associate dean for teacher education & professional services at William & Mary's School of Education, received the Virginia Educational Research Association's Charles Clear Research Award recently.

A gift to gifted education

Joyce VanTassel-Baska has spent a career making sure that tomorrow's Mozarts and Einsteins get what they need today.

Rational Misbehavior

Ah, fixed lifetime annuities. They're the sure thing: A check every month until you die. No matter what the market is doing - bull, bear or pig in a tutu - you're going to get paid.

The Mentor

Some people go into a lab, look at the work in progress, and ask "What is it good for?"

Law professors receive Fulbright grants

Glenn George and Trotter Hardy of William & Mary Law School will lecture overseas in 2009 in China and Portugal, respectively, as part of the Fulbright Scholars Program.

School of Ed. to research literacy

William and Mary's School of Education has received a grant for $152,500 from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia to help fund middle school literacy efforts.