Spring 2011

Maryse Fauvel
À vous de voir!

Since the invention of the Cinématographe in 1895, cinema has played a key role in French culture. French filmmaking, in turn, has had a huge influence upon the industry worldwide.

Ecce Homo

Since the late 18th century, scholarship on the study of Jesus has moved from faith-based research to a cultural investigation focused on historical probability.

John Merrick
Even the money is real

The trading floors of Wall Street are the farthest things from the ivory towers of academia. But the Mason School’s commitment to “bring business into the business school” drove the establishment of the Marshall Acuff Financial Markets Center, as well as the activities that go on inside it.

A sense for sensors

They’re everywhere. Tiny sensors designed to track information.

Teaching through research win

William & Mary’s first freshman phage lab has demonstrated what possibly is the straightest learning curve known to science: zero to co-authorship in a peer-reviewed journal in under three years.

Whipping the SciClone

Combining the power of 159 computers and 475 individual processors, SciClone, William & Mary’s scientific computing complex, is an important resource for the College and a unique feature for a campus this size.

Seth Aubin
Cold & Ultracold

A collection of atoms in the basement of Small Hall is a million times colder than outer space. It's one of the coldest spots in the universe, but it's not cold enough. Yet.

Christie S. Warren
Return of the Peacemaker

Christie S. Warren has returned to the William & Mary Law School after spending a year shuttling between Darfur, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia and other geopolitical hot spots.

Dreyfus Scholar

William & Mary’s Elizabeth Harbron is one of six U.S. chemists to be named Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars.