Spring 2010

An Apple on the Piano

Greg Bowers' work blends the digital with the analog.

Bright Idea
A Bright Idea

Your first fuel cell-powered car just moved a little closer.

Facing Race
Facing race

Analysis of brain waves spurs some deep thinking about how we see others.

Beyond the Standard

Department of Education funds texts stressing dialects in Arabic.

Where your money goes

AidData takes the lid off the shadowy world of foreign aid.

Work on display

Research informs New York African Burial Ground's visitor center.

'On the Cutting Edge'

Science honors Macdonald and colleagues for professional-development resources.

Minor in marine science

New VIMS-W&M cooperative effort is expected to be popular.

Ruling the runway

Ecofashionista Regina Root to preside over Ixel Moda.

Pocahontas' home town

Werowocomoco exhibit will feature first public showing of artifacts.