Fall 2010

A decade of history

Until the time machine is perfected, a NIAHD experience is the best we can do for those who take a serious approach to understanding life in Colonial Virginia.

To harness the wild algae

At first glance, algae seem like ideal candidates for biofuel. After all, each algal organism has at its center a dab of energy-rich oils and sugars. If you get enough algae, you can extract the oil—or ferment the sugar into alcohol—and use it to put a sizeable dent in the world’s thousand barrel per second petroleum consumption.

Let's Make a Geopolitical Deal

When the diplomatic dust had settled following the 1713 signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, officials in Europe’s imperial capitals got back to talking about extending their empires into uncolonized areas of western North America. And they had little idea of what they were talking about.

Dressed for dissent

Couture & Consensus, a new book by Regina Root, offers a history of fashion and its influence on the political climate following Argentina’s revolution of independence in 1810.

Debunking myths about music and Islam

In her new book Women, the Recited Qur’an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia, Anne K. Rasmussen explores the musical phenomenon of qur’anic recitation in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, while taking on several myths about music and Islam.

A is for aha. AA is for aati.

Linguists will tell you that a language can begin to die in a single generation—if it is not passed down to children.

Got it on eBay…

…and our transmission electron microscope is running just fine, thanks