Winning apps of TribeHacks
  1. UglyMouse: Sami Mirimiri and Garrett Klausner (William & Mary ’14)
    The app allows you to control the cursor on a remote computer by using your mobile phone. Your phone can be tilted from side-to-side to move the mouse around. You can click using the touchscreen. You can also select text from the remote computer and have the text arrive on your phone. The team was able to automatically dial and call a phone number if that text contains a phone number string.
  2. GifJam: Joe Acosta (William & Mary) and Aaron Roe (Rice University)
    Allows a user to record a short (5-second) clip with a smartphone's camera; the video is then sent to the Cloud and converted into an animated gif. This gif is registered to your account, you can share it with friends using Facebook, in emails and text messages. You can also "thumbs up" the gifs you like.
  3. Huddle: Caleb Severn, Daniel Park, Kevin Ko (William & Mary ’16)
    Most students use Swem library for studying. This app allows a student to enter Swem Library and enter a course they are enrolled in. Afterwards, the locations for all the other students in the class appear on a map. You can use the app to find a study group. The app is based on Google maps, so it will work outside of Swem as well.