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Sonia Kinkhabwala ’21

Major: {{,Sociology}}
Minor: {{,Management & Organizational Leadership}}

Sonia Kinkhabwala’s journey at William & Mary was full of fast, sincere friendships and meaningful moments. It was also peppered with the periods of ambiguity and uncertainty that pave the way for growth and development. In each stage of her William & Mary experience, Sonia encountered diverse, varying pockets of community and belonging. "This is where the beauty of my William & Mary experience lies – in the infinitely wonderful cycle of experiencing connection and facilitating that connection with those around me," she says.

Sonia’s service activities centered on investing in relationships. At William & Mary, her work began with participation in the Aim 4 Community Leadership Program. She volunteered with a local hospice agency and partnered with another student to create a program that pairs students with residents in local retirement communities to build meaningful relationships. Sonia also served as a tutor for non-native English speakers, a campus tour guide, as the undersecretary of community engagement and service for the Student Assembly and in numerous W&M service day events.

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