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Working Paper Series

In cooperation with our military partners, the Whole of Government Center of Excellence launched our Working Paper Series in April 2023. This is a place for mid-career military and public policy professionals to workshop their papers and share these with the wider policy communities. Please be sure to appropriately cite any use of materials from this page. Working Papers will be removed when published elsewhere. WGC is available to connect readers to the authors.
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Benson, Y. (2023). “Strategic Chinese Relations and Cooperations on the African Continent.”

Borges, T. (2023). “U.S. and Allied Counter Strategy.”

Burke, C. (2023). “Stabilizing the IndoPacific with Near Peers.”

Clarey, J. (2023). “Beijing’s Quest to Challenge the Liberal International Order through the use of its Mach 5 Strategy (Hypersonic).”

Curran, M. (2023). “Assessing and Countering China’s Economic Policies.”

D’Aleo, J. (2023). “Assessing Threats and Risks, and Countering China’s Reach in Oceania.”

deGategno, K. (2023). “Architect a U.S. and Allied Counterstrategy.”

Donegan, M. (2023). “Countering China’s Influence in Pakistan.”

Fisher, B. (2023). “Chinese Influence into the Second Island Chain.”

Garcia, R. (2023). “China’s Grand Strategy: Implementation of power competition to rival all.”

Keough, Z. (2023). “Recalibrating Global Governance through Strategic Advantages.”

Lightsey, C. (2023). “Countering China’s Influence in the Philippines.”

Roach, C. (2023). “China and the U.S. in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.”

Santana, L. (2023). “China’s Expansion Throughout Pacific Island Countries and U.S. Counterstrategy.”

Thoman, D. (2023). “Chinese Strategic Opportunities.”

Weyrauch, K. (2023). “Countering China’s A2AD Threat.”