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Cost** What is it? Advantages Disadvantages Effective Rate
Oral Contraceptives
(Birth Control Pills)
per pack
A pill that is
taken orally
every day at
the same time.

Reduction in menstrual

flow and less cramping

May reduce acne

Reduction of risk for

uterine and ovarian


Must be taken the same
time every day

Effectiveness may be

reduced by some

commonly used

Side effects may occur in

some users. Breakthrough

bleeding is the most

common side effect.



Danger Signs (A.C.H.E.S.)

  • Pain in the ABDOMEN or arm
  • Sudden or constant CHEST pain
  • Severe HEADACHES
  • EYE problems such as blurred or double vision
  • SWELLING in the leg

Other Danger Signs

  • Worsening depression
  • Spitting up blood, or sudden shortness of breath
  • Yellowing of your skin/eyes
  • Breast lumps
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding

See a Physician or Health Care Provider immediately if you develop any of these Danger Signs!

Important Note about Oral Contraceptives: Although there is a movement towards continuous Oral Contraception use in order to minimize the number of periods a woman has, this pill taking regimen is primarily medically indicated for women who have menstrual migraines and significant mood swings during the placebo week. If you are interested in continuous OCP use, please talk to your provider.

**Costs are subject to change at any time


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