Minimum User Requirements

This is the bare minimum for Haven to work...

RAM: 1 GB+

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ & Chrome 20+, Firefox 14+ and Safari 5+

Flash Player: Please note some browsers may require Adobe Flash for multimedia content.

Screen Resolution: Minimum resolution 1024x768 is required. 1280x1024 or higher is preferred.

Audio/Video: Sound card with either speakers or headphones.

Bandwidth: If you do not have broadband and you are using dial­up connection, you will have difficulty using our courses. Each course loads and plays videos and other media on the pages. Broadband connection (e.g. DSL, cable modem or FIOS) with 512kbps bandwidth or better required; dial­up connections will seriously impede full functionality and viewing multimedia content. NOTE: You can test your downstream bandwidth at websites such as Just click Begin Test.