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Has stress, fear, or sadness made it difficult to get through your day? Is end-of-semester stress weighing you down? Would you like to take control of your own mental health by learning some healthful coping skills, not only for today or next week, but also for life?

Well now there is a resource available to you 24 hours a day...SilverCloud.

SilverCloud provides the William & Mary community with easy access to a robust collection of online tools that can help individuals cope with their anxiety, depression, and stress. And if you have family, friends, or students living with these health challenges, SilverCLoud can help you understand them better and make you a stronger supporter.

Faculty, staff, and students with the following email extensions can access this wonderful service for free right now:


We encourage you to work through these modules at your own pace (our peers in Europe and around the US are suggesting one module per week); and we want to remind you that SilverCloud by itself is not a final diagnostic tool nor is it a substitute for long-term therapy, should your concerns warrant such a course of treatment. Should you feel that the challenges to your mental health have not diminished after you complete the last unit within a thematic module (anxiety, depression, or stress), please make an appointment with a counselor on campus (757.221.3620) or in your community.

If you are in counseling on campus while you are working through these modules, please let your counselor know, as they may be able to provide additional coaching for you which could augment your SilverCloud experience. 

Likewise, if you would like an online coach from the WIlliam & Mary community to work with you through SilverCloud - and such support can be helpful for many, you may request a student of staff coach, once you are in the system.

Finally, if you feel so overwhelmed that you are considering self-harm, please call the national hotline at 800.273.TALK (800.273.8255) any time of day and at no cost to you. 

How do you get started?

To access William & Mary's SilverCloud online modules for anxiety, depression, and stress, please click here. 

When it comes to taking control of your mental health, don't wait for a silver lining. Start with your very own SilverCloud today.