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Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) On-Line Module

NOTE: This module is for undergraduate students ONLY. 

This is the most recent version of Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students. If you are entering William & Mary for the first time this fall, you must complete Section 1 immediately. If you are under 18, you needn't complete the surveys, but you still must partake in the rest of the course.

Content Warning...

As with any discussion on the topic of gender-based violence, please be aware of your own safety, while you create safe spaces and boundaries to complete the course described below. Because our senses can trigger memories – negative and positive, please be aware that some of the situations in the online tutorial involve various types of gender-based violence, including – and not limited to – sexual harassment, stalking (with and without technology), intimate partner violence, and sexual assault. As with all our community health outreach efforts, we invite you to assume goodwill on our behalf, as you engage in self-care on yours. Furthermore, if you or someone you know should need to talk about an experience with gender-based violence, we invite you to reach out to The Haven. Thank you.      

Getting started with Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students

William & Mary recognize that gender-based violence occurs everywhere and that our campus, no matter how safe it may feel, is not exempt from that observation.

We do make every attempt to provide an environment where everyone can live, study, and work without harm. Adhering to the philosophy of One Tribe – One Family, the university relies on active bystanders like you, our staff, our faculty, our neighbors, and the alums.

To prepare you as an active bystander, W&M invites all incoming students – first year and transfer – to complete Haven, an online tutorial about gender-violence.

Thank you for making William & Mary a safe and welcoming environment conducive to growth and learning.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates Informed Consent

Students over age 18 will click that they agree before being directed to the survey. Students under 18 will not participate in the surveys.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students is a non-opinionated, gender-based violence prevention program conducted by Everfi, Inc. that uses science-based research to educate students about relationships and gender-based violence. The program includes two quizzes and two surveys that collect information about relationship knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. Each survey can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. All survey responses are strictly confidential; William & Mary will only receive information about the student population as a whole and students’ names will not be associated with any results.

If there are questions you would prefer not to answer, you can choose to leave them blank, but we hope you’ll answer all questions as completely as you can. The information you provide will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the course. Credit for completion of the program will not be affected by survey responses or by exercising any of these previously stated rights.

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the survey portion of Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students.
  • If age-eligible, please complete surveys in one sitting.

If the training becomes triggering and too upsetting to complete you may instead set up a virtual meeting with Hannah Artiles-Stravers, Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist at to fulfill your Sexual Violence Prevention Education requirement. Note: Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate Students is not complete until you click the final "Submit Responses and Continue" button at the end of the Post-Course Quiz. A Post-Course Survey will follow 45 days later.

By clicking the button below, I signify that I have read the above statement of informed consent as well as the related Virginia Code of Conduct and the university's Sexual Misconduct policies.

As a reminder, students may report dissatisfaction with the survey portion of this course to the Chair of the Protection of Human Subjects Committee, Dr. Jennifer Stevens, 757.221.3862, or [[jastev]]. All other questions regarding the course should be directed to Hannah Artiles-Stravers,


Please click the sentence below.

I hereby give my consent to partake in Sexual Assault Prevention.