Student Insurance Enrollment Information

General Information

The annual master policy becomes effective on August 1 and terminates on July 31 but students may also purchase the Fall and Spring/Summer coverage separately. The Fall coverage period begins on 8/1 and ends on 12/31 and the Spring/Summer coverage begins on 1/1 and ends on 7/31. These coverage dates are set and cannot be changed. This policy is a Non-Renewable One-Year Term Policy.

Students may elect to enroll in the student health insurance anytime during a coverage period (up to 31 days before the last day of class for that academic term) but the rates are not pro-rated further. Students must meet the Eligibility requirements each time you pay a premium to continue your insurance coverage (see Insurance Eligibility on the Student Insurance page). Refunds of premiums are allowed only upon entry into the armed forces. The Enrollment FAQ's may answer any questions you have regarding the insurance enrollment process.

Important note

It is the student's responsibility to verify that your student account has been billed appropriately for the coverage desired. If you do not see the Health Insurance Policy charge on your student account, please contact the [[, Student Insurance Coordinator]] at the College immediately.
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Students admitted Fall 2006 or after

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students admitted Fall 2006 or after who wish to be enrolled in the college-endorsed Student Insurance Plan and have the cost billed to your student account in two installments (fall and spring semester) must submit a Enrollment Form by the deadline each academic year to ensure their timely enrollment and billing for the Student Insurance Plan.

The Spring 2017 Student Insurance Enrollment Request form was due by December 31 for all full-time, new, transfer or readmitted students entering the College Spring 2017 academic term. The W&M Student Insurance Enrollment/Waiver system is now closed for Spring 2017 submissions. If you still wish to enroll in the Spring/Summer coverage after the initial Enrollment Period, please submit a 2016-2017 Student Insurance College Enrollment Request Form to have the College process your late enrollment and billing. It may take 3-5 business days for your Enrollment Request to be fully processed.

Students who wish to be enrolled by the College in this insurance plan AND be billed the FULL PREMIUM for the 2017-2018 annual coverage in the Fall (not billed in installments) should contact the [[, Student Insurance Coordinator]] between 6/1/17-7/31/17 to ensure your correct enrollment and billing to your Student Account. You should also verify the full Health Insurance Policy fee is charged to your Student Account.
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Students admitted prior to Fall 2006

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students admitted prior to Fall 2006 are NOT REQUIRED to have health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment and therefore WILL NOT be automatically enrolled in the College-endorsed Student Insurance Plan if you do not submit a waiver request.

However, you ARE ELIGIBLE to enroll in the College-endorsed Student Insurance Plan on a voluntary basis. Students who wish to be enrolled voluntarily by the College must first contact the [[, Student Insurance Coordinator]] to have your student information added to the Student Insurance Enrollment/Waiver system so you can access and complete the Enrollment Form by July 31 to ensure your correct enrollment and billing by the College. 
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Students who enroll in this plan may insure their dependents. Eligible dependents are the student's spouse or domestic partner and dependent children under 26 years of age. Insured students who wish to enroll their eligible dependents must purchase dependent coverage directly with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, either online through UHCSR's online services, My Account or using the mail-in Dependents Enrollment Form.
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Insured students who have graduated, withdrawn or changed from full to part-time status AND have been continuously insured under W&M's policy for at least 3 consecutive months are eligible to continue their coverage for a brief period time. Insured students who are leaving the College must apply for the Continuation coverage within 31 days of the termination of your current student coverage and must enroll directly with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources using the mail-in 2016-2017 Continuation Enrollment Form.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enroll in the W&M policy for the first time under the Continuation coverage; you MUST have been continuously insured under either the Fall or Spring/Summer coverage periods to be eligible.
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