Health Center Mission Statement

It is our mission to ensure the highest quality medical care for all full time students at William & Mary. Through education and training, we endeavor to promote health and healthy lifestyles and to prevent disease so students may achieve a satisfying and successful college experience. We are committed to providing care that respects the individual in a manner that promotes inclusion and equality while respecting his/her differences.

Division of Student Affairs Diversity Statement

The Division of Student Affairs strives to ensure a safe, affirming, and nurturing environment for William & Mary students and staff. Inherent in this mission is a belief that a strong community is built upon, and enriched by, both commonalities and differences. Division members recognize and celebrate the fact that William & Mary students, staff, and faculty are diverse—varying in age, physical abilities and cognitive talents, socioeconomic status, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs, and sexual, gender, and racial/ethnic identities. We actively demonstrate our commitment to the success of all community members through our programs, policies, and services. We foster a welcoming environment based upon open and considerate dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect for individual differences.