A Letter From the Training Director

Dear Candidate,

I am excited about your interest in the William & Mary Counseling Center Internship Program. We seek to attract inquisitive and energetic interns who are committed to learning and who are interested in benefiting from the variety of experiences that a comprehensive training program in a counseling center setting can offer. We strive to create a collegial environment in which interns feels supported and challenged to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Our training model values and emphasizes a developmental perspective in the formation of the professional identity of psychologists. The developmental perspective is embedded in supervision and the didactic training at the center. Celebration of diversity is a cornerstone value of our agency. We are strongly committed to addressing the needs of diverse students and to providing the therapeutic environment necessary for them to work on a variety of presenting concerns. Our client population represents the diversity of human experience in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic class, physical ability, and religious affiliations. Our staff represents diversity along many of these same characteristics as well as in their professional affiliations, disciplines, and interests. The staff is committed to providing excellent training and to addressing the individual professional interests of interns.

The William & Mary Counseling Center internship is accredited by the American Psychological Association through 2017. Also, the Counseling Center at the College of William & Mary is accredited by IACS (International Association of Counseling Services) and it is a member of ACCTA (Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies) and APPIC (Association of Psychology Post Doctoral and Internship Centers.

We will be participating in the APPIC Match. Candidates’ application materials will be reviewed for compatibility between background, training goals, and available training opportunities. Applicants assessed to be most closely compatible with the opportunities available in our program will be invited to participate either in a video conference or an in person interview, based on the candidate's preference, designed to provide both parties with a clear idea of what the other will bring to the internship year.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the William & Mary Counseling Center Doctoral Internship Training Program. Congratulations on reaching this exciting phase of your graduate training. Please do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone at (757) 221-3620 or e-mail at cxsuda@wm.edu if you have questions about our site. I wish you the best during your internship year.

Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, PhD
Associate Director, Director of Training