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Things to Know

Things to know when seeking medication management
  1. Medication management is not a substitute for talk therapy. Medication can help manage symptoms but cannot cure mental health disorders. The best course of treatment is often a combination of talk therapy and medication management.
  2. ADHD Medication and evaluation. Stimulants, often prescribed for ADHD management, are one of the most often misused drugs on college campuses. As such many colleges and universities have specific policies regarding the prescribing and distribution of ADHD medication. William and Mary campus providers will not prescribe and/or manage ADHD medication. Williamsburg and Newport News providers will provide medication management for ADHD on a case by case basis with supportive documentation of diagnosis. It is best to contact providers directly to discus the details.
  3. Wait periods for medication management are typically long. Of the many physicians who graduate medical school only a few choose psychiatry as their pathway. As such there are often limited numbers of psychiatric providers. This puts a high demand on those that are practicing. It is not uncommon for psychiatrists to have waiting periods of 4-6 mths for first appointments. Psychiatrists will not offer walk-in crisis appointments. If you are experiencing an urgent need for medication management it is best to seek out emergency services through your local CSB board and/or emergency room. (CSB local emergency services can be contacted via 757-220-3200)

If you have questions about the appropriate treatment options for your specific condition, the Mental Health Services Coordinator is available to assist you. You may contact the counseling center at 757-221-3620 and request to meet with the Mental Health Services Coordinator for options.