William & Mary

Scope of Services

Student Health Center
The on campus Student Health Center is staffed by board-certified physicians and nurse practioners. The staff at the Health Center is trained in assessing and treating mild to moderate mental health concerns. They can prescribe ongoing maintenance for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. They are a great resource for first time discussions and evaluations of medication options for low to moderate depressive/anxiety symptoms. Students can access care by contacting the Health Center directly and/or working with their therapist either on/off campus for a referral.


Psychiatry On Campus

The psychiatrist at the Counseling Center is a part of an educational team and primarily works with students who are experiencing emerging mental and emotional conditions until they achieve stability and can be followed up in other settings. The psychiatrist is able to monitor the student closely until they understand what medications and lifestyle changes are necessary to manage the condition longer-term.  He/She may also determine if the condition is only transient and can help some students discontinue medications they no longer need.  Students who are already stable on medications regimens from previous providers are encouraged to remain active with those providers or to meet with our Mental Health Services Coordinator to find a local community provider who can continue to monitor the student. Referrals to the psychiatrist are worked through treatment providers (therapists on or off campus), the student health center, or sports medicine physicians in athletics. Rarely is it recommended that a student works with a psychiatrist without an evaluation by a therapist. It has been found that in addition to the benefits of medication the full benefits from treatment are obtained when someone participates in both psychotherapy and medication management.

Psychiatry Off Campus

The Williamsburg and Newport News area has multiple psychiatrists and nurse practioners versed in young adult mental health care. The providers off campus are able to provide long term management of medications as well as evaluations for newly diagnosed conditions. Students can work with the Mental Health Services Coordinator at the William & Mary Counseling Center for referrals and/or assistance to contact providers directly.