Sport Club Wednesdays

Topics of previous Sport Club Management Workshops:

Fall 2010

Spring 2011
  • New Officer Orientation
  • Rules for the Road (Travel Tips)
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Tips for Successful Event Planning
  • Sport Clubs at W&M - The Big Picture
  • Motivation for Individuals and Groups
  • How to Create a Budget Proposal
  • Putting a Spring in Your Step - Wellness Tips
  • Leveraging Sport Club Officer Skills into Career Success
  • Alcohol Prevention Policy Overview
  • Moral Dilemmas
Fall 2014
  • "We Spent What?" Budget Workshop (ppt)
  • "Tweet This" Social Media Tips (presentation)
  • "Let's Break this Down": Fundraising (presentation)
Spring 2015