Leadership Development

It takes commitment and leadership to successfully run a sport club. As a sport club member or officer, there are many opportunities available for you to learn more about how to manage your sport club, how to be an effective leader, and how to use your sport club leadership skills in other situations. Attending these leadership workshops may even help your sport club earn valuable budget points!  Here are some of the opportunities available to you:

Sport Club Wednesday Workshops

Each semester, the Sport Club Office hosts a series of workshops geared toward developing the leadership competencies of our Sport Club Officers. The workshops often feature guest speakers from various departments on campus.

Sport Club Leadership Board


The Sport Club Leadership Board will be comprised of 10-15 students selected from all Sport Clubs. Board members will serve either a 2 year or 1 year term (based on their desire). Any Sport Club participant may apply, but only be one person will be selected from each club. The Sport Club Leadership Board was established in order to enhance cooperation, create leadership opportunities, promote sportsmanship, and establish a sense of community between the 45 Sport Clubs. 

The mission of the Leadership Board is to provide avenues for clubs to learn from each other, to act as a liaison between the clubs and the Sport Club Office staff, and to promote the Sport Club program throughout the University.  

Interested in joining? We are currently accepting applications! Please email [[mpwagner, Megan Wagner]], for an application.

Contact the Leadership Board with your thoughts, suggestions, concerns, and questions at scleadershipboard@gmail.com! 

Student Leadership Development Resources

As recognized student organizations, Sport Clubs have opportunities to participate in leadership training programs offered through Student Activities.