All sport clubs are strongly encouraged to fundraise, as the Campus Recreation budget is only intended to cover part of club expenses each academic year.
What types of events count as fundraisers?

Hosting competitions/tournaments/clinics/events that charge entry fees, profit shares, letter writing campaigns, bake sales, etc.

What paperwork should a club submit for a fundraiser?

7 business days or more before your event, submit a Form A (Event Registration) to request space and let the Sport Club Office know your event is going on in case it requires a sports club supervisor. Before and during your fundraiser, keep track of your expenses and revenue so that you can submit the fundraising documentation form within 10 business days of the end of your fundraiser.

Does campus recreation provide clubs any resources to help with fundraising?

Every semester there is a Sport Club Wednesday session to talk about effective fundraising. The Student Leadership Development Office provides a list of fundraising policies and procedures on their website.