Sport Club Constitutions

Developing a Club Constitution: Helpful Tools

In order to be successful, any organization must have a set of operational guidelines or rules by which the members govern themselves, please refer to the Campus Recreation Guidelines for Sport Club Constitutions and By-Laws (pdf) for the full list of guidelines. Each Sport Club should develop a constitution suited to the practical operation of that particular club. General provisions (club name, purpose, dues, meetings, officer elections and duties, advisor duties and qualifying regulations) should provide for the internal needs of the club. Specific provisions (membership, eligibility and qualifications, officer qualifications, voting quorum and amendments) should insure fulfillment of college and departmental requirements.

The constitution must be easily interpreted, so that the club can operate consistently from year to year. Once a club becomes a recognized student organization, each club must review, revise (if applicable) and re-submit a constitution and by-laws to Campus Recreation every three (3) years.

Within the outline format, each club’s constitution must contain statements regarding the following:

  • The purpose, to include the general goals/objectives/direction of the group.
  • A definition of membership requirements.
  • A listing of officer titles, duties, requirements.
  • Quorum requirements for conducting official business.
  • The process for assessing fees/dues.
  • Changes to the constitution require the approval of the Assistant Vice President
 Feel free to look at other Sport Clubs' Constitutions to aid you in developing or updating your own Constutition.