Officer Information

Getting Started
  • Sport Club Manual (pdf): the existence and maintainance of the Sport Club program is guided by the Sport Club Manual, which you can read here.
  • Starting a New Sport Club: contains information on how to start a new sport club or reactivate an existing, but inactive sport club.
  • Constitution: each individual sport club is guided by their own constitution; here you can learn how to create and update your club's constitution.
How to Run a Sport Club

Whether you're a new Club Officer wondering what you're supposed to be doing, or a returning Officer trying to remember what you're supposed to be doing, this is the place for you. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign-up immediately for the Sport Club Officer GroupMe to receive important announcements about meetings, trainings, and workshops. You can also remove yourself from the GroupMe when you are no longer a club officer.
  2. Choose a category to learn more about that specific area of running a club. 
    • Finance: contains information about budgets and reimbursements, plus anything else related to club finances.
    • Rosters: IMLeagues maintains a roster of everyone who has signed a waiver for your club.
    • Club Websites: how to maintain your Tribe Voices-based club website.
    • Constitutions: how to develop and maintain your club constitution
  3. Periodically check the Leadership Development page for announcements and training opportunities. 
  4. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or ask us questions anytime by emailing [[w|rsclub,Sport Clubs]].