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Van Rentals

W&M Campus Recreation vehicles are not available to the W&M community in Spring 2021.

Sport Clubs may only request the use of a truck or van by a single driver with no passengers for essential Sport Club operations only.

Quick Links
  • Van Request Form 
  • Van Safety Training: Van drivers must successfully complete the Van Safety Course taught by campus police. Sport Clubs can contact [[dwgardner, Dan Gardner]] if they want to schedule a Van Safety Training for their club.
  • Current building hoursThe available times for van pick up and drop off.
How to reserve a van

Campus Recreation sponsored programming may rent 12-passenger vans from the Recreation Center. Most weekends, the vans are reserved for sport club and other Campus Recreation use. Each van driver must pass the W&M defensive driving course before driving a state-owned vehicle. It is recommended that a faculty or staff advisor accompany all groups. Sport clubs wishing to reserve a van should:

  • Register the event your club will be traveling to and complete a Van Request Form as far ahead of time to the trip as possible. The earlier a van reservation is submitted, the better the chances that a van will be available. Be sure that the driver(s) have completed a Driver Authorization Form (Form D) on IMLeagues.
  • The Sport Club Office will determine if a vehicle is available and reserve one for your club. The rental cost will be deducted from your budgeted allocation. If you provide the estimated mileage for a trip, an estimate of final cost will be available upon request.
  • Once reserved, vehicles must either be picked up when scheduled or cancelled. Your club will be charged if you fail to pick up or cancel a vehicle on time. You will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for both State and Rental Agency rentals if you fail to cancel a scheduled van without at least 48 hour advanced notice.
Van Regulations
  • There is absolutely no smoking or alcohol allowed in the van.
  • Every passenger must have his/her own seat with a seatbelt (no sitting on the floor or sharing seatbelts), and the seatbelts must be securely fastened before the driver moves the vehicle.
  • The van must be cleaned thoroughly upon return, or there will be a $10 cleaning charge. Use the bags and brush provided.
  • The van must be returned with a full-tank of gas or your club will be charged $4/gallon.
  • Fill with Regular Unleaded Fuel only.
  • Vans are checked out and back in at the front desk of the Student Recreation Center
  • Please be aware of the facility hours of the Student Recreation Center. If you return to campus late and the Student Recreation Center is closed, you will need to check the van in the next morning as soon as the Student Recreation Center opens.
  • A maximum of 10 passengers plus the driver (11) are allowed in a van at a time.
Commercial Carrier
  • If Campus Recreation vehicles are not available for your travel, then you should contact Enterprise Rent-a-Car, located at 713 Merrimac Trail. Phone number: (757) 220-1900.
  • Sport Clubs: Contact the [[rsclub, Sport Club Office]] for the W&M Customer ID number.
  • You are prohibited from purchasing additional insurance when using Campus Recreation's Enterprise contract.
Van Costs

Campus Recreation: Sport Club vehicle rates:

  • Friday-Sunday: $65/day, 100 free miles, $0.25/mile thereafter, gas is included with rental cost
  • Monday-Thursday: $15 / day; 100 free miles, .25/mile thereafter (Gas card is included with rental cost) 

Enterprise 12-passenger vans:

  • Only if Campus Recreation vans are unavailable
  • Clubs are not allowed to rent 15-passenger vans.
  • Double check the prices with Enterprise when you call to reserve your vehicle: (757) 220-1900.

Check your club's Campus Recreation budget sheet via Google Docs to make sure you can afford to rent a vehicle. 

Please contact the Sports Club Office with any questions about Van rentals.