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Away Events

Sport Club home competitions and travel for competitions are suspended through Spring 2021.

Most sport clubs will need to travel to games, tournaments and other events throughout the year. The Sport Club budget is primarily intended to assist clubs with travel expenses. Since club money is limited, club members should be prepared to assume a portion of the trip costs. In order to be reimbursed for travel costs, clubs must follow travel regulations.

1. Register
  • Submit a Form B: Trip Plan (pdf) as far in advance as possible, but no later than 5 business days before your planned departure date. If you are traveling on the weekend, the Trip Plan is due at noon on Monday the week of your departure.
    NEW: You have to save the document to your computer and then open it with Adobe Acrobat to access the signature. Once you fill out this form, keep a copy for your records and then send it to and
  • Trip plans registered after the deadline will not be officially recognized or sanctioned by Campus Recreation.
  • Changes to the Trip Plan can be made at the pre-trip meeting and/or e-mailed to the [[rsclub, Sport Club office]].
2. Before you leave
  • Check your club roster. Only club members on the official roster may participate in club activities.
  • Check authorized drivers. Any club member driving to/from away events must submit Form D on IMLeagues.
  • Reserve a van if needed.
  • Check your club's Safety Officers. Two Safety Officers must accompany every trip.
  • Required: Attend a Pre-Trip Meeting the week before you leave. Any member of the club traveling on that trip who knows the details of the trip (including who is going on the trip, drivers, and Safety Officers) may attend the pre-trip meeting. Pre-Trip Meetings are held in Dan Gardner's Office in the Campus Recreation Center on Tuesday's and Wednesday's between 2:00 and 4:30pm.
3. On the trip
  • In case of accident of injury, notify Campus Police at (757) 221-4596 and the Sport Club Office at (757) 816-2363 immediately. A copy of the Emergency Protocols (Form E) should be present in every vehicle.
4. When you return
  • Submit an Event Report (Form C). Event Reports are due by Wednesday at 5:00 PM the week you return.
  • Submit Travel Reimbursement Forms no more than ten business days after returning from your event.
  • We want pictures! Send your high resolution digital photos to the [[rsclub, Sport Club Office]].
Important things to consider for all travel:

There are three basic means of travel available to sport clubs:

  • Personal vehicles (most flexible and least expensive)
  • Campus Recreation van rental (moderately expensive, may be difficult to schedule)
  • Commercial carrier (e.g., bus, plane, private rental company car/van)
Make sure drivers are in compliance:
  • Only drivers who have successfully completed the Van Driving Course taught by Campus Police may drive a 12-passenger van. Sport Clubs can contact [[dwgardner, Dan Gardner]] if they want to schedule a Van Safety Training for their club.
  • There must be one driver in the vehicle for every 400 miles driven.
  • No single driver may drive more than 220 miles or three hours at a time (whichever comes first).
  • No driver may drive more than 4 hours in a single day.
  • Maximum capacity in 12-passenger vans is 12 individuals.
  • Drivers must obey the posted speed limit! If a driver is discovered to be in excess of the posted speed limit, disciplinary action will be taken against the club.