Adding to W&M Events

How to add your club's events to the Sport Club Calendar

William & Mary Events keeps track of events happening all over the William & Mary campus. It is divided into multiple calendars for various categories of events. Sport Clubs has its own events calendar that has an RSS feed on the right hand side of the main sport clubs page.

Any member of the William & Mary community can submit events to calendars in W&M Events. If you would like to have your club's event listed on the Sport Club calendar, follow the instructions below. Appropriate events to list on the calendar include: home events, such as competitions or showcases, local off-campus events, fundraisers and recruitment events.

The Sport Club Office will also post events such as meetings and workshops to the Sport Clubs Events Calendar, so be sure to check it periodically!

How to Add an Event to the Sport Club Calendar
  1. Go to the Sport Club Events Calendar and click "Sign In" on the top right of the page.
  2. Log in using your own W&M username and password or using your club's username and password (this is the same username and password that you use to access online documents such as your club's budget). If you are unsure of your club's username and password, come by the Sport Club Office and we can share that information with you.
  3. Click the button "Create Event."
  4. Enter in your event details and click "Next."
  5. In order to have your event published to a calendar, you have to recommend it. All events must at least be recommended to a Top Calendar. For example, if you're creating an event for a home game, you might want to recommend it to "Sports & Leisure Events" as a Top Calendar. Additionally, once you've checked a Top Calendar, you should also check the Sport Club Events and/or Campus Recreation Events calendars. Those calendars are found under the category "W&M Departments, Offices and Programs."
  6. Once you've checked all of the appropriate calendars, click the "Recommend" button on the bottom right. Once the administrators of those calendars approve your events, they will show up on the calendars!