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Sport Club Waivers

Informing you of the risks involved with your club

Please fill out the waiver as completely as possible. You may not participate in any club activities (including tryouts) until a waiver is submitted. A new waiver must be submitted at the beginning of each academic year and for every club you join.

Why do I need to submit a Waiver/Agreement to Participate?

If you have ever participated in an activity with the potential for risk that is sponsored by any organization, you have probably signed a release form and designated an emergency contact. Think of a time you have gone whitewater rafting, entered a running race or triathlon, gone bungee jumping or horseback riding, etc. The Waiver/Agreement to Participate forms seek to inform you of the potential for risk before participating in the activity. Since each club has different risks, you must fill out a separate Waiver for every club you attend.

What is the deal with paper vs. online waivers?

Everyone practicing, participating, or traveling with a club must be on the club's roster. Only people who have submitted an online waiver will be put on the roster. Therefore, everyone should fill out an online waiver through our online IMLeagues portal.

Paper waivers (Form W) are for participants under the age of 18, who are required to submit a paper waiver (in addition to the online waiver) signed by a parent/legal guardian.

Parents or guardians of club members under the age of 18 need to print out a paper waiver and fax the completed and signed form to (757) 221-1919, or email the completed and signed form as an attachment to the [[rsclub, Sport Club Office]].