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Types of Budgets

Each club has the opportunity to tap into three different budgetary sources. They are:

"Campus Recreation Allocation"

Campus Recreation allocates a limited budget of State funds that you may request for disbursements of your individual Sport Club's allocation in order to pay for transportation costs, event entry fees, lodging, equipment or any special, pre-approved purpose. Anything you do not spend by the end of Spring Semester does not carry over to the next academic year. You must request and receive permission to buy goods or services in advance before asking for a reimbursement. You may request the direct purchase of goods or services as well. Requests should be submitted by email to the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs at

"Club Development Account"

This is money your club may receive from alumni, parents, or other forms of donations. Donations to a club's development account may be tax deductible.

Giving online is possible at with your Sport Club's specific Fund gift code (a 4 digit number). A list of Sport Club gift codes is available at this Google Sheet.

Anyone making a donation should make checks payable to "College of William & Mary" and place "Your Club Name" in the memo section of the check. Have them mail or submit the checks directly to the Campus Recreation Department, who will ensure that the check goes to the development office under the proper account.

ATTN: Sport Club Office
Campus Recreation Department
PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

If any check goes to the Office of University Advancement but is not clearly marked for your club, your club may not receive the funds. Submitting the checks to the Campus Recreation Department first ensures that the donation will make it into the proper account. Local Fund balances carry over from year to year.

"Off Campus Checking Account"

Your Sport Club may have personally opened and owned a checking account that is not a University account and for which your Sport Club student leaders are personally responsible and liable. Typically, the money that you would deposit in this account comes from your members' team dues. It is your individual responsibility to change names of club officers who have access to the checking accounts when new officers are elected. This way, the new officers will be able to write checks when necessary.