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Intramural Supervisors

The Supervisors are responsible for the overall supervision of the Intramurals program. They are responsible for game/match administration, individual/dual meets and tournaments, training and evaluation of student officials, and enforcement of all sports rules and policies established for IM participants by the Department of Campus Recreation. Supervisors are also responsible for acting as a liaison between the participants, officials, Graduate Assistant for Intramurals, and the Associate Director for Intramurals.

While on duty, the Supervisor is the representative of the professional staff and of the university. They shall take control in all emergency situations, deal with injuries, be accountable for set-up and storage of equipment, settle disputes, answer inquiries, and evaluate the job performance of student officials. Communication, visibility, and common sense are keys to being an effective and efficient Supervisor.

Supervisors are expected to work an average of 6-10 hours per week, including weekends (this will vary from week to week). The numbers are not hard and fast; they vary by Supervisor and by season. All Supervisors should attend all Supervisor meetings, pertinent officials' training sessions and meetings, as well as captains' meetings.

Supervisor Staff
Intramural Supervisors
Zach Bako
Connor Bishop
Nufi Pokam
Lucas Hauser
Sarah Hawkins
Asha Silva
Sami Knox
Robert Sweeney
Kaitlyn Maniscalco