Hall of Champions

The Intramural Hall of Champions is an exclusive list of teams who have won the famous Championship T-Shirt! Use the links on the left to see the all-time Hall of Champions for each sport.

The reigning champions are listed below:

Team Name
                                      Fall Team Sports
Indoor Soccer Co-Rec A Alex Morgans and Neymars
Co-Rec C The Martins
Co-Rec D Hunt Hunnies
Fraternity KDR
Men's A Earning Shirts for Matteo
Men's B Neymar Junior Juniors
Men's C High Quality Memes
Softball Co-Rec Legacy
Men's Barrister Bombers
Fraternity Kappa Sig A
Flag Football Co-Rec A Chi O/Kappa Sig
Co-Rec B Dongs
Co-Rec C Intervarsity
Co-Rec D Tune Squad
Fraternity Sigma Pi A
Men's A The Brogrammers
Men's B1 Grumpy Old Men
Men's B2 MBA Football
Men's B3 ATO
Floor Hockey Co-Rec A VIMS
Co-Rec B KDR/PiPhi
Fraternity Delta Chi
Men's Axe Moisture MK II
                                   Spring Team Sports
5v5 Basketball Co-Rec A Chess Club
Co-Rec B Silver Shots
Co-Rec C Gators
Co-Rec D JuanRoe
Fraternity Sigma Pi A
Men's A North Side
Men's B Carlos Danger
Men's C The Buscemifinalists
Women's Tribe Soccer
Team Handball Co-Rec A JuanRoe
Co-Rec B HE$A & Friendz
Men's A Locks 4 Love
Men's B HorseHorseHorse
Outdoor Soccer Co-Rec A JuanRoe
Co-Rec B Ultimate Fun Team
Fraternity Kappa Sigma
Men's A Benny and the Jets
Men's B International Boiz
Volleyball Co-Rec A Showtime
Co-Rec B The GOATS
Co-Rec C ACF White
Co-Rec D ACF Black
Fraternity Beta
Men's Kappa Sigma