Registration & Class Sign-Up

Patrons must have a current Group Fitness Membership (formerly the "Fitwell Pass") in order to take classes at the Student Recreation Center and at the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center. The Group Fitness Membership covers unlimited access to classes durng the specified time frame at both the Student Recreation Center and at the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, Full-Time Students are eligible for a free Group Fitness Membership. Faculty/staff members and Rec Center Privilege Card Holders can purchase a Group Fitness Membership for these prices. Part-Time Students who have not paid the recreation fee may purchase a Rec Center membership at the Student Recreation Center front desk and will then be eligible to take classes for free.

Registering for a Group Fitness Membership
  1. Create a MindBody account. We strongly encourage doing this BEFORE coming to the Rec Center Front Desk to register for a Group Fitness Membership. If you do not do this before you come to the Rec Center Front Desk you will be directed to the computer kiosks in the Rec.
  2. Register with the Student Recreation Center Front Desk for a Group Fitness Membership. (You must come to the Student Recreation Center Front Desk to be able to take classes at both the Student Recreation AND McLeod Tyler Wellness Centers). Be sure to bring your W&M ID Card!

If you plan on registering for your Group Fitness Membership before you attend a group fitness class, please arrive at least 30 minutes early, especially at the beginning of the semester. Our first priority during the fitness class check-in window is to get participants into classes on time. Those with a Group Fitness Membership will be given first priority for check-in.

Signing up for classes Online

Beginning September 2018, Campus Recreation will be offering Online Sign-up for ALL Group Fitness Classes at the Student Recreation Center and the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center. 

  1. Once you have registered for your Group Fitness Membership, you can sign up for classes in the MindBody portal or using the free MindBody Connect app (available in the App Store). A limited number of spots will still be reserved for walk-in class sign-up for all classes. Classes will open for  online sign-up 24 hours in advance of the class start time. Online sign-up closes 1 hour before the class starts.
Walk-in Class Sign-up
  • There are a designated number of spaces reserved in each class for walk-up participants. Participants may walk-in to a class starting 30 min. before the start time of the class.
Check-in procedures:
  • One of the benefits of signing up for a class online or using the app is that you can check-in directly with the Instructor in the fitness studio. Please have your ID in hand. The Instructor will need to your ID when he/she checks you into a class. When you arrive to the studio you will tell the instructor that you registered online and he/she will check your name off on the roster using the iPad.
  • Group Fitness members who sign-in for a class online should arrive to class at least 15 minutes before the class starts or they may lose their spot to a walk-in participant.
  • Group Fitness members who walk-in to a class should arrive at least 30 min. early as these spots are likely to fill quickly and all class participants should arrive to the class 15 min. early. Walk-in participants will be given a ticket to get into the class and should give the ticket to the Instructor at the studio.
Cancellation/No-Show policy: Classes booked online must be cancelled 4 hours before the start time of the class. If the participant does not cancel his/her class within 4 hours before the start time of the class and/or the client does not show up to class, a late cancellation will be applied. If a patron has a "Late Cancel" (i.e. cancels a class with less than 4 hours), they will be subject to the following suspension terms:
  1. Suspension 1: One-Week Suspension from ONLINE class sign-up. Patron can still walk-in to take a class.
  2. Suspension 2: Two-Week Suspension from ONLINE class sign-up. Patron can still walk-in to take a class.
  3. Suspension 3: Loss of privileges for ONLINE class sign-up for the remainder of the academic year. Patron can still walk-in to take a class.
    1. For any "Late Cancellations" that occur due to an extenuating circumstance, students may contact the Fitness & Wellness Office to appeal any cancellations. All cancellation reviews are subject to the discretion of the Fitness & Wellness staff, and any extenuating circumstances must be supported by documented evidence of the situation.
Patrons who reserve a spot online must arrive and check in AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS. Campus Recreation reserves the right to give away any spots that have not been checked in by that time for walk up registration. 

If you have any trouble with online registration, please contact [[jvrueh, Jenny Dunfee]], Associate Director of Fitness & Wellness, or [[e|cacross, Colin Cross]], Graduate Assistant for Fitness & Wellness.