Group Fitness Policies

Group Fitness Studio and Multipurpose Room Policies
Campus Recreation adopts the following policies regarding reserving time in the Group Fitness Studio and Multipurpose Studio. These policies are subject to change at the discretion of the Campus Recreation staff and will be updated accordingly to reflect any changes. 
1. ONLY Campus Recreation organizations are able to reserve the Group Fitness Studio or the Multipurpose Studio. Outside organizations are not permitted to reserve the studios for practices, events, or other activities.
  • Outside organizations ARE permitted to request private group fitness classes, lead by a Campus Recreation Fitness Instructor,  in the Group Fitness Studio and Multipurpose Studio and will be reserved through the Graduate Assistant for Fitness & Wellness. The fee for private group fitness classes is $30 for a 60 min. class.
2. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Fitness Studios (except for water).

3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed. Any individual who shows signs of alcohol use will not be allowed to enter the Rec Center.

4. Any Campus Recreation organizations using the studio should check in at the front desk, and the Facilities Supervisor on duty will open the door.
  • The Campus Recreation Facility Supervisor reserves the right to deny admittance should he/she feel that it could jeopardize the safety of the participants.
5. No black-soled shoes can be worn in the fitness studios.
6. No fitness equipment (including the stereo and mic) can be used unless a Fitness Instructor is present.
  • Campus Recreation groups are permitted to bring a portable stereo or CD or ipod player if you need music.
7. The fitness studios must be left just as you found them. Please clean up after yourself and your group.
  • If anything is damaged in the fitness studio while your group is in there, please let the Rec Center front desk supervisor know immediately.
Group Fitness Participation Policies
1. In order to participate in a fitness class, patrons must either have a Fitwell Pass or a daily guest pass. Participants must go to the front desk before the class to pick up a Class Ticket. The Class Ticket will reserve them a space in the class. Participants will not be admitted into a fitness class without a class ticket for that specific class. Instructors must make sure that everyone in the class has a class ticket.
  • Tickets will not be distributed by the front desk after 5 minutes before the class (i.e. if the class starts at 7:00 PM, the front desk will stop handing out passes at 6:55 PM).
2. Participants can check into classes 30 minutes before the class start time. It is unsafe to go into a class that has completed the warm-up. Instructors should close the door at the start of class and not allow participants to join the class after the warm-up has been completed.
3. Please come in appropriate athletic attire. Close-toed, close-heeled, activity appropriate athletic footwear intended for indoor use with non-marking soles must be worn. Cross-training shoes with arch support and lateral support are recommended for cardio and weight training classes.
4. Drop-in classes and fitness class equipment are available on a first come, first serve basis. All classes have limited space available. Once the class tickets run out at the front desk, there is no more space available in the class.
5. The daily guest pass fee to use the Student Recreation Center is $5.00. Daily guest passes can be purchased at the Campus Recreation front desk. For non-FitWell pass holders, drop-in fee for group fitness classes is an additional $5.00.
6. Refunds will not be issued for Fitwell passes unless the participant is no longer able to exercise due to medical reasons. Refund requests can be directed to Jennifer Ruehrmund, [[jvrueh]].
7. Any issues regarding FitWell passes and MindBody information should be directed to Jennifer Ruehrmund, [[jvrueh]].
8. If the Graduate Assistant, Group Fitness Supervisor or Assistant Director sees that a participant has marked “yes” to one or more questions on the Health History Form, the participant will be advised to obtain a medical release form from a physician before participating in fitness classes.
Online Registration Policies
We have an exciting new feature in our online group fitness management software we would like to try out: online sign-up! We will be opening up only Body Pump classes for online sign-ups to try out this system. Only 15 spots out of the 22 allowed in Body Pump will be open for online sign-ups.
Here are the details:
  • Patrons must have a Fitwell pass to sign up for classes online. One-time drop-in participants must still go through the front desk.
  • Patrons can sign-up for a class beginning 24 hours in advance.
  • Using your Mind Body login and password, you can register for group fitness classes (only Body Pump at this time) online at or on the free Mind Body Connect app.
    • To login to the app, use the same email that you have on your Mind Body account (when you registered for a Fitwell Pass) and create a password- it is not the same password you use for your mind body account online. Questions about Mind Body accounts can be sent to our Associate Director, [[jvrueh, Jennifer Ruehrmund]].
  • To book a class from the Mind Body website
    • Log into the Mind Body portal located on the Campus Recreation website.
    • Go to the Group Fitness Tab at the top of the screen.
    • Find the Body Pump class you would like to attend, and you will see a button that says “sign up now”.
    • Select "single reservation" from the left side of the screen.
      • Patrons are not allowed to book recurring reservations. Patrons may only reserve one class at a time.
    • You will receive an email confirming your reservation.
  • To book a class from the Mind Body Connect app
    • Log into the Mind Body Connect app
    • Go to the “Explore” tab at the bottom
    • Search local facilities for “College of William and Mary Campus Recreation”
      • If you allow Mind Body to access your location, the facility will pop up automatically.
    • Select the Campus Recreation facility.
    • Select “schedule” and locate the BodyPump class you would like in the schedule.
    • Click “Book” next to the class.
      • The first time you sign up with the app, it will prompt you for your phone number.
    • Hit confirm.
  • Check-in procedures:
    • One of the benefits of signing up for a class online or using the app is that you can check-in directly with the Instructor in the fitness studio. Please have your ID in hand. The instructor will need to check that at least the first time he/she checks you into a class. When you arrive to the studio you will tell the instructor that you registered online and he/she will check your name off on the roster using the ipad.
    • Fitwell patrons who sign-in for a class online should arrive to class at least 10 minutes before the class starts,otherwise, their spot will be forfeited and can be given to walk-up patrons.  
Cancellation/No-Show policy: Classes booked online must be cancelled online 2 hours before the start time of the class. If the participant does not cancel his/her class within 2 hours before the start time of the class and/or the client does not show up to class, a late cancellation will be applied. If a participant late cancels a class, he/she will be suspended from online registration privileges for one week.
Patrons who reserve a spot online must arrive and check in AT LEAST 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS. Campus Recreation reserves the right to give away any spots that have not been checked in by that time for walk up registration.