Equipment Rental Center

Campus Recreation offers equipment rental for a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational use. Options range from daily use basketballs to weekend camping gear. Find all items available in the lists below and contact the [[equipmentcenter, Equipment Center]] by email or phone 757-221-7665 to make your reservation.

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Policies and Notes
  • A late fee of $5 per day will be assessed for any equipment returned after the due date.
  • A cleaning fee of $10 will be assessed for any equipment returned dirty or wet.
  • Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card, or W&M Express.
  • Any questions or concerns about renting equipment please contact the [[equipctr, Equipment Center]]; Office Phone: (757) 221-7665. 
  • If you DO NOT hear from anyone within 2 business days please contact [[jeholm, James Holmes]].