Tribe Adventure Program Trip Leaders

If you are interested in becoming a Trip Leader with the Tribe Adventure Program, please email [[mswhite, Michael White]].

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Chase, Ben
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Westminster, MD
Major: Music & Business


Chinburg, Elsa
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Exeter, NH
Major: Kinesiology with concentration in Allied Health, Public Policy


Colon, Bri
Graduate Assistant: Outdoor Recreation
Hometown: Denver, CO
Graduate Degree : Educational Leadership & Public Policy


Dixon, Robin
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Herndon, VA
Major: Biology & CAMS Mathematical Biology


Dodge, Mary Kate
Graduate Assistant : Outdoor Recreation
Hometown : Blacksburg, VA
Graduate Degree : Higher Education Administration


Evans, Emma
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: New York City
Major: Sociology

Callum Goulding

Goulding , Callum
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major : International Relations & Environmental Science


Haley, Paige
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Bowling Green, VA
Major: Environmental Science


Harless, Jacob
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Computer Science

Alexis Jenkins

Jenkins, Alexis
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Oakton, VA
Major: Anthropology & Environmental Science


Lajza, Callie
Graduate Assistant: Outdoor Recreation
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Major: Higher Education Administration


Larson, Nick
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Major: Government


Love, Alex
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Major: Process Management & Environmental Science

Carolina May.jpg

May, Carolina
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Major: Biology & Environmental Science


Mlakar, Tyler
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Alma, Arkansas
Major: International Relations

Kevin Mooz

Mooz, Kevin
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Midlothian, VA
Major: History & Linguistics

Eric Osinski

Osinski, Eric
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Bristow, VA
Major : Truck Driving...? aka undecided


Reiley, Quinn
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Gainesville, VA
Major: Accounting & Physics

TAP Bio Pic.jpg

Smyth, Jesse
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Major: Psychology & Biology


Stewart, Garrett
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Vienna, VA
Major: Environmental Science & Government


Taft, Tommy
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Stow, MA
Major: International Relations & Hispanic Studies

Adam Wang

Wang, Adam
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Dalian, China (About 3 hours from North Korea)
Major: Chemistry