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Social Prescribing

Fun Max is designed around the concept of social prescribing to enhance our social dimension of wellness. There are so many options for William & Mary students to engage with their community that it may be hard to find an immediate sense of belonging. By highlighting the steps that Max and his friends take for their wellbeing, the Fun Max team hopes that students will have an easier time finding their sense of community. 

What is Social Prescribing?

The World Health Organization describes social prescribing as "a means for health-care workers to connect patients to a range of nonclinical services in the community to improve health and well-being." In essence, social prescribing posits that our sense of belonging and community is just as important to our wellbeing as medicine. To cultivate these feelings, doctors and specialized advisors, called link workers, would work with individuals to find fulfilling social activities. In the past five years, countries such as Britain and the Netherlands have begun building a national infrastructure for social prescribing. The Fun Max team is working to adapt this framework for students.