Tribe Voices

Tribe Voices is free, web-based software with a single purpose: making it easy for W&M people to create personal websites. Note that this may not be the best long-term solution as there are plans to retire Tribe Voices.

Tribe Voices is designed for faculty, students and staff. Student clubs and organizations are encouraged to use TribeLink for their websites.

To create a website, go to Tribe Voices and click "Sign Up!"


No Experience Required

It takes a lot of talented people to build a website from scratch. Graphic designers layout the site, photographers fill it with pictures. Technical gurus write code (like HTML and CSS) and ensure that everything works on different computers with different versions of software.

Sound a little daunting?

Fortunately, Tribe Voices doesn't require Photoshop expertise or knowledge of HTML. Anyone can use the simple text editor (it looks a lot like Word) to write content and place pictures and movies. Tribe Voices even builds your navigation menu automatically... all of the hard stuff is done for you!

It's All on the Web

If you have an Internet connection and a web browser, then you're ready to start making a website. With Tribe Voices you don't need programs like Dreamweaver or FrontPage; and you don't have to worry about mapping a drive, or using FTP to connect to a web server. In fact, you can create, edit, and publish pages without leaving Firefox. (Internet Explorer and Safari work too).

Pictures, Movies & More...

Want to add movies to your website? How about adding Google Maps, Flickr galleries, YouTube videos, or your very own mini-blog? If you crave more from your web site than just words and pictures, you'll find lots of extra features to explore.

From Us to You

Tribe Voices is developed by people at W&M for people at W&M. You'll get an unparalleled level of help and support for personal pages when you use Tribe Voices.

Tribe Voices and the W&M Website

The university uses a web content management system (CMS) called Cascade to run websites for William & Mary's academic and administrative departments. The W&M website offers faculty/staff directory pages but complete personal websites are not a part of this system. Tribe Voices is designed to create robust personal websites for members of the university community.