Your form's responses are available to view, comment on and share in a variety of formats — view online in a table, tab through individual responses, or download a CSV. 

How to access a form's Responses
  • from your Dashboard - click "responses" by the form name 
  • from your Form Summary page - click the response count link or "View All Responses" 
  • if you opt to share your responses - go directly to the Responses web address 

Responses Overview

View Full Screen (1)

Allows you to view the current table-based web view of your responses without any other navigation or information on the page (especially useful for large forms).

Download CSV for Excel (2)

Perform more complex analysis of your responses by importing your data into Excel or any other spreadsheet program that can import a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

Delete All Responses (3)

This button will permanently delete all collected responses for this form. It is highly recommended that you download your current results before deleting collected responses. While purging your responses is one way to reuse a form year to year, another option is to simply duplicate your form, leaving the original form and its responses intact.

Email All Respondents (4)

If your form requires logging in with a WMuserid, you have the option to send an email to your respondents.

Pagination (5)

If you have more than 10 responses, your results are broken up into pages of 10. You can change how many responses you view per page by using the dropdown at the top of the table (dropdown is only available when there are more than 10 responses).

Search (6)

You can search all of your responses using the search box at the top. Sorting by column is another useful tool when working with responses.

Columns (7)

The response date and time (labeled as tr_dt) are automatically collected for each response. If login is required (and you have not specified that the form be anonymous) the WMuserid (tr_userid), name (tr_name) and email address (tr_email) of each respondent is also automatically stored. You can sort results by any column by clicking on a column header.

If you have a question that has multiple answer choices (Multiple choice, Drop down menu or Check boxes) there will be a column for each choice (labeled with the question label as well as the choice text) with an 'X' indicating if that choice was selected by the respondent. This allows you to sort the table by a particular choice.

View (and tab through) detailed responses (8)

To see and tab through the detailed view of your responses, click the view icon (View Icon).

Delete a response (9)

To delete a single response, click the delete icon (Delete Icon). You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the response before the action is performed. This is most commonly used to delete a response for an event registration. However, this feature may also come in handy when both you and the responder agree that their response should be deleted.

Note: You will need to manually activate your form if it was automatically deactivated by reaching its maximum number of allowed responses.

Comment on a Response (10)

You can add a comment to your response in the response table view by clicking the comment bubble (Comment Bubble Icon) and entering or editing your comment on the screen that pops up. You can also add a comment in the response's detailed view.