Building Questions

Form your Dashboard, click on a form title to get to the Form Summary page, then click on the Questions tab (1).

Location of Questions tab on Form Summary page

Add & Edit Questions

To build a question from scratch, click the New Question button (2). For existing questions, click the pencil icon (Edit) to the right of each question.

Question Templates

There are a handful of pre-built questions provided to save you some time, such as Domestic Phone Number and U.S. Address. Click on the New Question from Template button (3) at the top of the Questions tab to see the template options.

Section Headers

A section header is a title and textblock that can be used to connect a set of questions. Click the New Section Header button (4) at the top of the Questions tab to build one.

Reorder Questions and Section Headers

Click and hold the move icon (Move ) next to the question you want to move, drag the mouse up or down your question list and then drop the question in its desired new spot.

Copy a question

You can create a new question by copying one within the same form. Click the Copy (Copy Icon) icon next to a question and fill in a unique question identifier. The new question can then be edited and saved as needed. The copy feature is not available for template questions.

Delete a question

Click the trash can icon (Delete) to the right of the question you want to remove. Use caution when deleting questions. This action cannot be undone.

Download Questions as Text (5)

You can download all questions and section headers as a text file for future reference.