Build, edit (rinse) and repeat.

Create a Form

Build one from scratch, from a template or duplicate an existing form.

Form Summary

The access point to the info, settings and questions of existing forms.

General Settings

Set your form name, introduction and theme, associate a W&M Event, and customize your messages.

Response Preferences

Customize who can submit your form and how often, the confirmation email they receive, anonymity, and who can access your form's responses.

Form Editors

Set who can manage your form and their email preferences.

Form Presentation

Embed public forms in Cascade or select a school theme.

Preview Your Form

View your live form — whether it's currently active or inactive.

Deactivate Your Form

Set your form to Inactive to prevent form submissions, or to save it for later use.

Deleting Forms & the Recycle Bin

How to backup your data and delete (and restore) forms.

Abandoned Forms

A form that has neither been modified nor received a response in 2 years is considered abandoned, kicking off an auto-delete process.