Form Summary

The Form Summary page connects you to all the info, settings and questions that make up your form.

Form Summary page - top settings

Toggle your form from active to inactive (1)

When a form is created, it is active and accepting responses by default. Don't worry... no one will know the web address to access your form until you share it with them. You can deactivate your form at any time. 

Access form responses (2)

An up-to-date count of your form's responses is displayed at the top of the page. Click on this response count or the View All Responses link below to access your responses page — there you can view your data in a variety of formats, download, share or delete it.

Find your form's web address (3)

At the top of the form summary screen you will see something similar to This is the web address that you will provide to users to find and respond to your form.

Find your Form ID for Cascade (4)

Cascade editors can create a special page in Cascade that will embed their form.

Preview and test your form (5)

Click the "View Live Form" link and your form will open in a new window. Note that by default, as a form editor you can access the form regardless of the Who Can Respond settings that you set.

Edit your form settings (6)

Click the Settings tab to verify or edit any of your form's settings. The settings are broken into three groups: General, Response Preferences and Form Editors.

Form Summary page - settings tab

Create and edit form questions and headers (7)

Click the Questions tab to create, change and organize your questions.

Form Summary page - questions tab