Portfolio Listing

Portfolio listings present a collection of high-impact, pre-formatted pages with captioned slideshows and image-based navigation. The listing index page uses a standard left menu and offers an optional right column and intro WYSIWYG, followed by navigation to each portfolio page using a grid of thumbnail images. Each portfolio page offers an intro WYSIWYG and a captioned slideshow of images and videos, followed by the thumbnail navigation. 

As these assets require an extra level of user support — training, consultation on appropriate usage, access to high-quality photography — they are only made available to users upon your request. They are packaged in the asset factories as a Listing Folder - Portfolio and Portfolio Page, and are designed to fit into the site structure in the same way as other listing folders.

Suggested uses & examples
  • Presentation of visual samples organized into categories - see Our Work
  • Presentation of a collection of photos, videos and captions - see Campus Life
Available options for the listing index page
  • Title (required), Summary and Teaser
  • Right column and menu check boxes to show parent and siblings (we recommend leaving the right column off)
  • Intro content WYSIWYG
  • Listboxes, Related Links and Widgets selectors
Available options for the portfolio pages
  • Title (required), Summary and Teaser
  • Menu check boxes to show parent and siblings
  • Thumbnail fields:
    • Short Portfolio Name (this displays under the thumbnail image on all pages)
    • Thumbnail internal image selector
  • Intro content WYSIWYG
  • Slides: Use the + and - to add or delete slides. Use the up/down arrows to reorder the slides. Note: The submitted page allows you to view the slides as a rotating slideshow or as a list. Fields for each slide include:
    • Large Image selector (use if an image)
    • YouTube Video ID (use if a video)
    • Image or Video Caption
    • Photo Credit (if desired)
Image sizes

Thumbnail image = 212px wide by 140px tall
Slide image = 500px wide by 311px tall

Additional specifications
  • Slides are all one size (slideshow sizes down on mobile devices to full-width, moving the captions below the slides).
  • Videos will automatically be letter-boxed to fit the slide size.
  • You can hyperlink a string of text within the text field for slide captions, if desired.