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Training & Access

All content editors responsible for a portion of the university's main web presence must attend a live Basic Training session to activate their Cascade accounts.

Content editors who have not worked in Cascade recently or would like to review Basic Training are encouraged to watch the on-demand Virtual Basic Training, or register for a live Basic Training session to reinforce their understanding.

Basic Training
Training by Academic & Organizational Unit

Training for some academic and organizational units is provided in-house. For sites in the following units, contact your respective Cascade Manager to arrange Basic Training:

  • Advancement
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Raymond A. Mason School of Business
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science

For all other sites, Basic Training is provided by University Web & Design, as detailed below.

Training Schedule

In-person training is resuming as of October 2021. Cascade Basic Training takes place in the IT Classroom, Jones Hall Room 203.

Upcoming Basic Training Sessions

  • Tuesday, 7-December-2021 @ 2–4pm

To register, [[creative, email University Web & Design]]. Self-service registration forms are temporarily unavailable.

Topics covered:
  • Introduction to the W&M web presence
  • Terminology and help for Cascade and the web
  • Cascade login and navigation
  • Building and editing folders and pages
  • Uploading and managing documents and images
  • Placing links and images within content
  • Placing listboxes, related links & widgets in the right column
  • Publishing and deleting
  • Best practices and other tips & tricks
Cascade Workshops

*Must already be trained in Cascade

Looking to take a deeper dive into features in Cascade like collapsible lists, listboxes, gateway pages, listing pages and more? University Web & Design offers workshops for groups who are wanting to see a live demonstration and practice building some of these features with one of our content specialists.

The Fall 2021 Cascade Workshop will be on October 28, 2021 from 2-4pm in Jones 203. In order to participate, email [[creative]] to add your name to the list and include any topics or demonstrations you hope to have covered.

While we don’t schedule workshops on a regular basis, there are two ways to get one on the calendar:

  1. Gather a group of six or more Cascade editors in your office or department and request a workshop by emailing [[creative]].
  2. Fill out the workshop request form and when six or more respondents have submitted the request, you will be contacted about a date, time and location for the group workshop.

If you have any questions about the Cascade Workshops, email [[creative]].

Online Help Pages

Our Cascade Help site provides you an A to Z resource on current features. We encourage you to browse, search and delve in.

Email Support

Have a question? Not sure how to proceed? Just need advice? We're here to help.

Departments and offices within Arts & Sciences, Advancement and our graduate and professional schools should first contact their designated Cascade Manager for assistance. Other departments and offices, or those referred to University Web & Design by their Cascade Manager should email [[creative]] to request assistance with a specific topic. One of our experts will try to assist in a manner appropriate for the request, as time allows.