Mass Uploading of Documents

Here are the steps for importing a zip file of documents directly into Cascade:

  1. Zip up the set of documents.
  2. Select the Cascade folder where the documents will be uploaded. If you don't have a storage folder create one.
  3. Click Add Content >> File from the top navigation menu in Cascade.
  4. Scroll down and drag-and-drop or choose a zip file from your computer.
  5. Select 'Yes' to extract and save all of the contents into the current folder
  6. Click 'Unpack' and you will land on a Zip Archive Report that displays the items unpacked successfully or with errors.
  7. Close. Then refresh your view of the folder to see the files listed.
When not to use the Import Tool

Don't use the Import Tool to mass upload photoset images. The Import Tool assigns a default content type to anything you upload and photoset images require a special content type in order to include captions.

Document Accessibility

A document is considered accessible if it meets certain technical criteria and can be used by people with disabilities. It’s important to make sure your documents are accessible before uploading them into Cascade.