Borrowed Ideation Story

Borrow a story from Ideation magazine for your department news section.

Are you new to working with News Stories?

If you do not yet have one, create a news section for your site.

Step 1: The Essentials
  1. Navigate to and select your news listing folder.
  2. Select Add Content >> Borrowed Items >> Borrowed Ideation Story (if this asset is not available to you, contact your Cascade Web manager).
  3. Enter a Title for the story (this will not appear on the page - it is only used in Cascade to dynamically create your System Name and URL).
  4. Set parent and sibling checkboxes. These adjust the left menu on this page only.
  5. Under Referenced Item, click Choose Page to select the original Ideation Story you wish to borrow (these are conveniently located in / folder) and click Choose.
  6. Click Save & Preview. Note that in the preview in Cascade, there is an Original Page link at the top. This does not display on the published page. This indicates to editors in Cascade that this is a borrowed story and it can be used to navigate to the original in Cascade.
  7. Click Submit >> Check Content & Submit.
  8. Publish your news listing folder.
  9. When the original Ideation Story is edited, the changes will automatically be applied to this Borrowed Ideation Story and display on the live site once the borrowed version is published.

You cannot add right-column elements to Borrowed Ideation Stories.

Step 2: Adjust which stories are featured on your homepage. (optional)
  1. If your site does not automatically display news stories on the homepage, you will first need to contact your Cascade Web Manager to request this custom feature.
  2. Next, set the folder order of the stories.
  3. The stories you want displayed on the home page should be numbered 1 and 2 (and 3 or 4 if your site displays four stories on its homepage).

NOTE: Ignore the 'Top Story' checkbox while in the edit mode of a News Story or Borrowed Story. This field applies only to the University Relations W&M News website.

Helpful Tips
  1. You cannot borrow a Borrowed Ideation Story. You must locate the original version and borrow it. An original page can be borrowed multiple times.
  2. You cannot borrow a Feature or a News Story with this asset—be sure you're trying to borrow an Ideation Story.