Stephen Salpukas

Stephen Salpukas

University Photographer

Office: Discovery 2, room 136B
Email: [[scsalp]]
Phone: (757) 221-1309

About Me

I shoot photographs of the interesting faculty and students, and capture the beauty of William & Mary. I've been at the university for several years now. But I can't tell you how many photographs that begins to equate to!

My background

I shot photos for 20 years at the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Style Weekly. I have ridden roller coasters and hung from water towers and rock faces to get "the shot." 

At William & Mary I have "mucked around" up to my waist in mud to photograph students researching clams on the Chesapeake Bay, and have "gotten pinned" secret service clearance to photograph Queen Elizabeth II. I photographed students researching and learning flamenco dancing in Spain, and helped with students volunteering in blighted homes in Petersburg, Virginia.

Favorite projects

My favorite types of projects include anything that highlights the great students and faculty of William & Mary.

Personal interests

I enjoy eating the food that I grow, fish and hunt. I like a good story told with gusto, and volunteering in any way for my son's school. I practice yoga and can usually be found watching the New York Giants play football.