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Employee Clearance Procedure


Title: Employee Clearance Policy and Procedure
Effective Date: February 2007
Revision Date: December 5, 2021
Responsible Office: Human Resources


This procedure applies to faculty, professional, professional faculty, operational, classified, and hourly employees of the William & Mary and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (the “university”). 


To ensure that any professional, professional faculty, operational, classified, or hourly employee terminating his or her employment with the university has satisfied any obligations to the university and has the information and assistance necessary to facilitate a smooth transition.


It is the policy of the university that an employee who terminates his or her employment with the university will return all property, pay all fees and fines, and/or satisfy any amounts due the university prior to departure.  Upon initial employment, each employee completes a Payroll Deduction Authorization Form to indicate agreement with this policy. When an employee departs the university, the employee will verify that all obligations have been met by completing a Clearance Form. The clearance process is an online process started by the supervisor.  The link for the online process can be found at 


When a supervisor or other designated department official learns that an employee is leaving, he or she will begin the clearance process on behalf of the employee by navigating to  and entering the supervisor’s W&M credentials. The supervisor will then be navigated to the University Human Resources webpage where he or she will click on: Complete CLEARANCE FORM under the Employment section.  Once the supervisor enters the required information, the system will send an email to the separating employee with instructions to resolve any outstanding issues or debts with the required departments. The employee is also asked to update his or her personal information via  An automated email is sent to the required departments for clearance approval or decline. 

This online process also serves as the Personnel Action Form for Human Resources to separate the employee from the university in Banner.

For a complete guide on this process, please view the W&M Clearance Request Instructions.

After separation and once the clearance is fully approved, employees with eligible leave balances will receive a leave payoff via direct deposit.


University Human Resources will review job records for adjunct faculty, hourly employees, and student employees on no less than an annual basis.  If an hourly employee or student employee has not been paid within the past 6 months, the employee’s job record will be terminated. If an adjunct employee does not return to teach in the semester in which he or she typically teaches, the employee record will again be terminated.  In these cases, University Human Resources will work with the appropriate department or unit to determine what, if anything is owed to the University.


The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is responsible for oversight of the clearance process.  The CHRO may amend or revise this procedure at any time with the approval of the Sr. Vice President of Administration and Finance.  

This procedure was amended effective November 13, 2017, to expand coverage to professionals and professional faculty and to update and provide additional detail regarding the clearance process. 

This procedure was updated effective December 5, 2021, to reflect the fact that the VIMS clearance process and leave payoffs are handled online.