Laptop Decision Tree

This material is adapted from the basic design and content of Stanford University's Export Controls Page. We appreciate Stanford's grant of permission to use its content for the benefit of the College of William & Mary.


1.         Is the item or software to be shipped or hand-carried abroad?      

2.         Will the item or software remain under the "effective control" of W&M personnel while the property is abroad?

                    Note 1:  If the item or software will be shipped or hand-carried for repair, testing, inspection, or calibration, do not respond and skip to Question 3.

                    Note 2 :  "Effective Control" is defined as retaining physical possession of an item or maintaining it in a secure environment.

3.          Is the item or software to return to the US within 12 months or either consumed or destroyed abroad?

4.          Is the item or software for temporary shipment, retransfer or hand-carry to any country OTHER THAN Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea or Sudan?

5.          Will the item or software to be shipped, retransferred or hand-carried be used ONLY either a) as a "tool of the trade" to conduct W&M business, or b) for exhibition or demonstration, or c) for inspection, testing, calibration or repair?

6.          If for inspection, testing, calibration or repair, will the item or software be shipped, retransferred or hand-carried to any country OTHER THAN:  Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Libya, Macau, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or Vietnam?

7.          Is the encryption code incorporated in the item or on the software media limited to that available through retail purchase (phone order, mail, internet, or over-the-counter transactions)?

                     Note:  If encryption code is inapplicable to your item or software, you do not need to answer this question.


If the answers to ALL of the questions for which a response was required are "Yes," and if your equipment, components or software:   (i) do not contain proprietary/restricted ITAR technical data, (ii) are not designed for use in/with/by satellites or spacecraft, and (iii) are otherwise not regulated as a defense article, then your shipment, retransfer or hand-carry is eligible for shipment under License Exception TMP.

If you believe you do not or cannot meet the terms of this exception, please contact the W&M Sponsored Programs Office, the VIMS Office of Sponsored Programs, or the W&M [[jpmcde, Export Control Officer]] to discuss possible alternative export certifications. 

Note that the Technology Support Center has an inventory of laptop computers that are available for short-term loan to faculty and staff (and students, provided students are sponsored by a faculty/staff member and traveling on official College business).  These loaner laptops are loaded with standard software and are re-imaged upon return to remove user profiles and data.  Please call the Technology Support Center at 221-HELP to check on availability and reserve a notebook.  Further information regarding the Loaner Notebook Program can be found on the IT website.