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Climate Action & Sustainability Plans

About the Plans:
  • The Climate Action Plan is a threefold 9-year plan focused on: reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 through our university's partnership with UVA, incorporating climate and sustainability into curriculum & research, and community action. These goals are all connected and guided by a mission of learning and empowerment.
  • The Sustainability Plan is a 5-year plan focused on: institutionalizing holistic sustainability and promoting a culture of inclusion and wellness, foster engagement of interdisciplinary studies in academics and community engagement, carbon neutrality and investing in renewable energy, and reduction of our campus' ecological footprint via changes in operations.
The Plans' Main Goals:
  • Climate Action Plan

2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal

  • 100% renewable energy
  • 15% building energy reduction
  • Improve heating and cooling strategies
  • Carbon proxy program
  • Net zero campus fleet
  • Higher education resilience planning worksheet

Curriculum & Research

  • Research and scholarship
  • Curriculum and teaching
  • Curriculum and research support
  • Build student sustainability program
  • Employee development
  • Sustainability certificates (including costal resiliency)

W&M Community Action

  • 65% waste diversion
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Plant-forward food
  • Food transportation
  • Green transit design
  • Hiring practices
  • Study abroad program
  • Sustainability Plan

Campus Planning & Culture

  • Planning
  • Diversity
  • Well-being

Energy & Climate

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Renewable energy

Academics & Engagement

  • Education
  • Information
  • Programs
  • Research
  • Orientation
  • Communication
  • Involvement


  • Resource Use
  • Procurement
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Diversion
  • Buildings
  • Ground
Tracking Progress:
  • *Choose a few goals where we can show measurable progress* -> ex: movement towards renewable energy sources/reduction of GHG emissions (show %)