Green Your Event

What is a green event?

Green events reduce resource use, reuse what is possible, and recycle or compost 90% of the event’s waste. A green event organizer emphasizes resource stewardship and sustainable practices. Green events make a difference to environmental and organizational value, and demonstrate how gatherings can be held sustainably.

Why a green event?

In 2013, Americans sent 254 million tons of trash in total and only 87 million tons of this material are recycled and composted. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that the 87 million tons of recycled and composted materials prevented the release of approximately 186 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the air in 2013, which is equivalent to taking over 39 million cars off the road for a year.

Food and packaging/containers account for almost 45% of landfilled materials. Most of the waste materials sent to the landfill can be re-utilized by recycling, reusing, or composting, which can reduce greenhouse gases generated, decrease environmental impacts, reduce health and odor concerns with food disposal and more for our future generations. Buying in bulk means you are using less packaging and fewer delivery miles, so less fuel is used and fewer pollutants are emitted into the air. It also means it’s economically friendlier!

Green Event Guide

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