The EcoRep Team

Meet our 2018-2019 EcoReps Team.

2018-08 Ecoreps Group Photo 

Name Year Major
Griffin Bird Senior Public Policy and ENSP
Delaney Caverly Sophomore Biology
Mackenzie Chriscoe Sophomore Geology, Minor in Creative writing
Brooke Ford Junior Kinesiology
Anna Gleason Junior Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental Science
Kendall King
Alicia Loebl Senior Psychology and Environmental Policy
Alex Maceo Sophomore Theatre & Marketing
Isabel Mastrangeli
Kate Miller Sophomore Economics
Yusra Mohammed Sophomore Psychology
Jina Nam Junior Business Analytics
Maggie Pendleton Junior Data Science
Cameron Poland Junior English and Government
Aseem Randhawa Senior Finance and Neuroscience
Shannon Redifer Junior Psychology
Colleen Scott Junior Geology, Minor in Marine Science
Hannah Slevin Sophomore Government, Minor in ENSP
Deme Smith Sophomore Sociology and ENSP
Sarah Snipes Sophomore Kinesiology, Minor in Environmental Science
Leeann Soyka Sophomore Psychology, Minor in ENSP